We are all about Documenting Humanity to Make a Difference and for this we are creating partnerships with NGO's to raise awareness and empower their initiatives.

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On 2016 we joined forces with SHE HAS HOPE to bring awareness to human trafficking survivors. Together we:

  • Raised awareness of Human Trafficking Survivors by sharing over 20,000 photos in 718 cities from 107 countries
  • Increase hand crafted sales which directly support human trafficking prevention, intervention and rehabilitation
  • Photos sold during world exhibitions went directly to She Has Hope
  • Donations increased at
  • Volunteer program received new participants

She Has Hope

She Has Hope rescues and rehabilitates human trafficking survivors with the goal of restoring them to a life full of hope.

In response to the human trafficking crisis in South Asia, we operate a rehabilitation home in Kathmandu that is home to several Nepali girls and young ladies rescued from human trafficking. There they receive counseling and medical care, room & board, literacy classes, and become proficient in several craft-making, seamstress and gardening skills through daily coursework offered by our full time teachers in a loving and secure family environment.

She Has Hope

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