The 2017 edition of the #24HourProject will be on Saturday 1st of April from 00:00am to 23:59pm in your city time zone. Photos need to be taken the same 1st of April.

How can upload my photos in the website?
Soon we will announce when you can upload your final photos to the website to be considered in the travel exhibition and photo-book with benefits to @
Photos uploaded need to be taken on April 1st, you can upload the same photos you shared or any other 24 photos you took one each hour. You hold all rights to your photos

Please do a testimonial video and send it to | in addition you can also send your group shots

Please share
Which cities are being represented this year?
To view all cities taking part of this year's edition of the project visit the 2017 participant's map. All cities are welcomed. You can view the List of Participants and the list of Ambassadors. Ambassadors can give you more guidance in your own city.

What is the theme for this year?
We will be documenting the Human Condition around the world. By documenting humanity think of the universal emotions of humor, love, sadness, joy, fulfillment, pain, loneliness and capture it in your photos.

Are we only documenting our cities and sharing photos?
The #24HourProject is about Documenting Humanity to Make a Difference and believing no human is illegal, this year we are coming together to provide urgently needed relief to REFUGEES by supporting @LesvosSolidarity. A refugee camp run by volunteers providing shelter and hospitality to the most vulnerable humans.

How do I share my photos on the 1st of April?
You should share 24 photos in your social media channels following the template mentioned below, one per hour, during 24 hours from 00:00am to 23:59pm of your city time zone. The photos need to be taken during the 1st of April of 2017.. In the following days after the event you will be able to login to this website and upload your final photos to be considered in future exhibits and photo books.

You should follow this sample template when sharing your photos in instagram :

2:30am #Lesvos #Greece "{title optional}" by @renzogrande as part of the #24hourproject #24hr17 #24hr17_Lesvos to support @LesvosSolidarity. For more information please visit @24hourproject

Note: You will replace "Lesvos" for your City, and change "Greece" for your country.


Where will my photos appear?
By sharing your photos in your Instagram you have the chance to be published in all our channels of communication. Our team of curators will publish only photos from participants who have previously registered. Please make sure you have enter your correct Instagram Username in your registration. Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr.

Mobile photography only?
You can use a smart phone or any type of camera to participate. In order for our team of curators to re-post your photos during the 1st of April, we ask that you share your photos live on the 1st of April. You can also share the rest of your images the following days.

Can my photos also be included in traveling exhibits and photobooks?
Yes, after the 1st of April you will be able to login to this website and upload your final highest resolution photos taken on 1st of April, these final photos will get a chance to be in future travel exhibits and photo books.

Testimonial /Selfie Video
On April 1st we invite you to record yourself and tell us about your experience while doing the 24 hour project.You can do it in English or in your own native language or in both. We will be putting together all Testimonial/Selfie Videos and showcase them as a big film in all travel exhibits. You can publish your testimonials in your instagram account or email them to

Thank you,
@24HourProject Team


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