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The 24HourProject gathers street and documentary photographers from around the globe to share in real time as they document the human condition of their city. Photographers share one photo per hour during twenty four hours.

Through the 24HourProject’s mission, market and global exhibitions, the project reaches millions of individuals annually showcasing the human connection of images and real live stories.

Press Notes

Sydney - Australia - News Corp Australia
Akkasse - Tehran - راهنمای شرکت در پروژه عکاسی ۲۴ ساعت
SG Now - Singapore - Document Human Condition Singapore
Queretaro - Mexico - Como tomar fotos por 24 hours sin dormir en el intento
Cagayan de Oro - Philippines - Business Week Mindanao

Los Angeles Times - Global 2015 Photo Event
INK361 - 24 Hour Project Interview

Time Out London - Open all hours: 24-hour London in photos
Grryo - International Collective of Photography Creatives
Los Angeles Times - @24HourProject Brings Instagram Photographers Together World Wide
Audio Vision - California Around the world in a day

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