“I was feeling rather sorry for myself today, as it is my birthday. Dinner with my daughters was out of the question. I couldn’t have friends over for dessert. I couldn’t even go to Starbucks after our hike for my free birthday coffee. Yes, these are all first-world problems. What can I say? I’m a bit tired of being cooped up. I also couldn’t understand why my husband insisted on cleaning and putting out the patio furniture instead of helping me in the garden. We have had a beautiful spring, but it is only April, after all! What a surprise I had. Mid-afternoon, two sets of friends and our youngest, Lisa, dropped by with delicious goodies from a local bakery. They had each brought with them their own plates, mugs of tea, and chairs. We sat together in the garden, two-metres apart of course, and had a lovely time. It is a birthday celebration that I will always cherish..”
Coquitlam, British Columbia
8:30pm April 18, 2020
by Elizabeth Gray