Finland Exhibition 2021

13-29 August 2021

Photo by @tarulp (Helsinki, Finland)

Photographers for Social Change

Deadline: Sunday, August 8th, 2021


On July 24th, 2021 photographers were part of the @24HourProject. Over 4,395 photographers from 95 countries documented humanity to make a difference.

Now thanks to Wohls Gård Cultural Center we will have an outdoor exhibition with over 100 printed photos in Kirkkonummi, Finland. We are thankful they will cover exhibition costs which allow us to have free single entries.

We ask our participants to submit a single photo. They will go through a photo review by our International Jury Members.

The finalists will be announced in the 24HourProject facebook page on Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

Note: Photo submissions need to be taken on July 24th as part of @24hourproject event. EXIF photo info will be verified for each submission.

Finland Exhibition 2021

Outdoor exhibition will include 100 printed photos at the Wohls Gård Cultural Centre, in Kirkkonummi - Finland.

Meet our Jury:

Håkan Näsman

Wohls Gård Cultural Centre

Meri Kukkavaara

Finland Ambassador

Nathalie Sayago

International Photojournalist

Flor Lopez

Community Coordinator @24HourProject

Renzo Grande

Creative Director @24HourProject