Yontonte NGO & 24HourProject 2022

“In 2022, we reaffirm our commitment to Climate Action. In this tenth edition, we’ve chosen Yonton Te, as our NGO partner in Mexico. All funds raised will be allocated towards their progressive climate action initiatives.” – 24 Hour Project.

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NGO we support for 2022: Yonton Te (Mexico)


Reforestation represents one of the central goals of the initiative Yonton Te. However, it aims at going beyond simply planting trees. The idea is to support nature in the process of regeneration and reimplementation of sensitive equilibrium of natural spaces and their microclimate.

Yonton Te aims to be a large regional cooperative that through its activities and complex agricultural designs regenerates the earth and the overall landscape, to restore the flourishing, healthy and immensely fertile natural status quo of the ecosystem. This initiative creates a unique combination between creating economic opportunity within indigenous communities, while regenerating entire ecosystems.

With our support, Yonton Te will develop a Tree Nursery of capacities of up to 30.000 trees focusing on maximizing diversity of endemic forest and fruit trees. The max capacity will be reached in a long term plan. During 2022-23 the base capacity of 30,000 trees per year is to be reached.