What We Do

We connect emerging photographers, aspiring photojournalist and visual storytellers from every city of the world to document humanity and make a difference by raising awareness about global issues and empowering NGOs.

Participants share one photo per hour during twenty four hours. On one single day we get to see the world from a different point of view, humanity documented by local photographers.

Through the 24HourProject’s mission, values and global exhibitions, the project reaches millions of individuals annually showcasing the human connection of images and real live stories.


Photographers join free from all cities around the world.


Document humanity around the world in one single day sharing stories from their own cities.

Social Cause

Together we focus on global issues, help raise awareness and take action.

Make a Difference

We empower NGOs and they receive more exposure, donations and have a stronger voice.

  • 2022

    Date: September 10th, 2022

    Cause: Climate Action
    Charity: YonTonTe (Mexico)

  • 2021

      4,395 Photographers 924 Cities  95 Countries

    Cause: Children's Rights
    Charity: Responsible Charity (India)

  • 2019

      4,880 Photographers 826 Cities  100 Countries

    Cause: Support Village Women
    Charity: Atena (Iran), GES Mujer (Mexico), Sacred Valley Health (Peru), She Has Hope (Uganda),

  • 2018

     4,280 Photographers  850 Cities  104 Countries

    Cause: Empower Women
    Charity: Shakti Vahini (India)

  • 2017

     3,940 Photographers  840 Cities  112 Countries

    Cause: Refugee Camp Support
    Charity: Lesvos Solidarity (Greece)

  • 2016

     2,785 Photographers  718 Cities  107 Countries

    Cause: Human Trafficking Survivors
    Charity: She Has Hope (Nepal)

  • 2015

     2,030 Photographers  650 Cities  101 Countries

  • 2014

     900 Photographers  312 Cities  72 Countries

  • 2013

     340 Photographers  132 Cities  45 Countries

  • 2012

     65 Photographers  24 Cities  20 Countries